Throughout the development of a criminal proceeding, it is necessary to have at all times the support of a wide variety of professionals. In this sense, our firm has a team of highly qualified Specialized Lawyers and Masters of Law, which are at your service guaranteeing discretion, efficiency and above all, professionalism.

In Regino Abogados, you’ll have the legal advice and support of one or several of our professional Lawyers throughout all the stages of the proceeding, despite you being the victim or the accused party.

During the pre-trial stage we provide, among many other, services such as:

  • Filing of the preliminary statement.

  • Request to duplicate the constitutional term

  • Presentation of evidence (documents, testimonies, expert opinions, etc.)

  • Follow-up of the constitutional term ruling, with effects:

    • Formal Indictment

    • Criminal Prosecution

    • Acquittal based on insufficient evidence

Throughout the proceeding’s development, our logistics department will implement a personalized strategy for each case in particular; our team of lawyers will materialize the plan contributing with all related elements and evidence in order for the judge to render a verdict. Afterwards, during the proceeding or first instance, the lawyer assigned to the case will sustain his posture and present all the appertaining conclusions based in evidence presented throughout the process, seeking at all times a favorable judgment and the greater benefit for our client.

In case of being necessary to present resources or means of impugnation, we have a specialized area for such effect, which, during the second instance, will promote all available resources in order for the Superior Court of Justice to reexamine the judgment and revoke, modify or confirm the same.

In Regino Abogados, we are experts in advice and follow-up of cases involving a great variety of crimes, such as:

  • Internal Law Crimes

  • Crimes against humanity

  • Crimes against human dignity and honor

  • Crimes related to roads and correspondence

  • Crimes against authority

  • Crimes committed against public servants

  • Crimes against the free development of personality

  • Disclosure of secrets and illegal access to computer systems and equipment

  • Crimes committed by public servants

  • Crimes committed against the administration of justice

  • Professional Responsibility

  • Falseness

  • Crimes against public economy

  • Crimes against freedom and normal psycho-sexual development

  • Crimes against civil status and bigamy

  • Crimes related to inhumations and exhumations

  • Crimes against the peace and safety of people

  • Crimes against life and body integrity

  • White-Collar Crimes

  • Concealment and transactions with illegal resources

  • Environmental Crimes

Likewise, at our firm, we are able to provide advice and follow-up in cases involving the commission of special crimes provided in the following regulations:

  • Code of Military Justice

  • Federal Code of Criminal Procedure

  • Tax Code of the Federation

  • Law of Popular Savings and Credit

  • Law of Amparo

  • Law of Bankruptcy Proceedings

  • Law of Credit Institutions

  • Industrial Property Law

  • Law of Retirement Savings Systems

  • Immigration Law

  • Mutual Fund Company Law

  • Credit Unions Law

  • General Roadways Law

  • Law of the Federal Institute for Worker’s Housing

  • Securities Market Law

  • Federal Firearms and Explosives Law

  • Federal Surety Company Law

  • Federal Gambling and Lottery Law.

  • Federal Law for the Protection of Information in Possession of Private Entities

  • Federal Radio and Television Law

  • Federal Animal Health Law

  • Federal Vegetable Health Law

  • Federal Law for the Control of Chemical Substances Susceptible to Deviationfor the Production of Chemical Weapons

  • Federal Law for the Prevention and Punishment of Torture

  • Federal Law on Monuments and Archeological, Artistic and Historic Zones

  • General Public Property Law

  • General Law of Mutual Fund Insurance Companies and Institutions

  • General Law of Credit Organizations and Auxiliary Activities

  • General Law of Negotiable Instruments and Credit Operations

  • General Law of the National Public Security System

  • Law to Prevent and Punish Human Trafficking

  • Law to Regulate Activities of Cooperative Saving and Loan Institutions